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About us

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SOHODIFFUSION.COM is an Internet specialty retailer of consumer electronics, personal computers and entertainment software.
With more than 10 years client experience, we want to offer you the cheapest and most efficient and simple way to access all the technological resources you may need.
If you're looking to purchase the latest technology and/or renewing your electronic and computer equipment needs, you will receive personalized suggestions on products carefully selected for their high quality and competitive prices.

The best possible deal in technology in Canada: high quality, competitive prices, services.

We try to offer, in addition to the best prices available in Canada, the largest selection of products that are on the market and services that fits your budget. Our goal is to provide you with a pleasant shopping experience that allows you to compare and order without being bothered. There is no overwhelming salesperson trying to sell whatever products based on unwanted stocks or for personal bonuses.

Quality associated to a competitive price

- You benefit from a large selection of best brand name products at the best price possible, negotiated with our suppliers who’s solid reputation guarantees our customers quality and professionalism.
- Exceptional and punctual special offers are negotiated daily with our suppliers

A large range of innovative products and services

-’s boutique presents a wide selection, with thousands of references from the most renowned brand names. Our products database is enriched every day.
To assist you in making choices, we select products which we believe represent the best quality for your money.
-If the item you are looking for is not within our selection, please forward its references to our Customer Service by e-mail.

We are committed to make a price offer within 24 hours (if the item is available).

- In order to be the first to offer new products: We are always looking for new products and we work closely with our direct partners, manufacturers and distributors. As soon as a new product becomes available, we offer it for sale on our website right away!
We also regularly offer pre-orders at the best possible price on most awaited products.

An expert customer service

Our Customer Service is devoted to do their best to answers all your needs 24/7. We can achieve this goal by offering continued education and training to our teams in terms of the latest technologies. We believe that by choosing online shopping, you have the right to be provided with expert advice within reasonable delays.

A technical support and a tactical intervention team 24/7 all year long

Payment and delivery solutions that fit your needs

If you choose our "delivered to your door" service:
  • By our delivery service:
    • Cash / Certified cheque / Corporate cheque
  • By Canada Post:
    • Online payment with credit cards: VISA / MASTER CARD

Delivery option: 24 hours delivery service (same day receipt of your items, subject to stock availability, in the Greater Montreal area only).

Services to fit your customer needs:

  • Major and institutional accounts,
  • Corporate accounts,
  • Personal accounts.


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Many businesses, corporations and institutions have chosen as an innovative supplier of computer products and services.

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