The product service plan allows you, in situations where an item is defective after the first fifteen (15) days following the date of your purchase, to request that the item be exchanged or repaired simply by contacting our RMA department at the following address: You must follow the RMA procedure (Return Merchandise Authorization), indicating your invoice number and the description of the defective item. When you have subscribed to the product service plan, you must follow the same RMA procedure even after the fifteen (15) days following the date of purchase of your item.
> Return process

After reception by of your defective item, we will undertake to do everything to satisfy you. For example, if you bought a video card at $ 278.90, and have subscribed to a one (1) year product service plan (for $19.99), we take care of sending your item to the manufacturer at our own expenses for repair or exchange. If the item can not be repaired and is no longer available at the time, the item may be replaced free of charge with a new similar item (based upon availability), and we will send your new item at your home address free of charge.

It is important to note that the product service plan is subject to the following conditions. The product service plan does not cover damages resulting from the unsuitable or abusive use, or accidentals or induced damages. It does not cover items for which the serial number or warranty number has been modified or removed, items which have been modified without previous authorization from the manufacturer, and it does not extend over the normal life of the item either. This product service plan does not cover damages or malfunctions caused by fire, water, lightning, tentative repair, handling or shipping.